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Welcome to Ceramic Craft Studio

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Susan Rudman and I am the founder and owner of Ceramic Craft Studio. I am married to a wonderful man, Rhyan, and have a son, Bradley. My husband & son have been so supportive & enthusiastic that without them I would never have considered venturing into my own career. I discovered crafts in 1997 where it all began with Decoupage. At around the same time my husband opened his own plumbing business which I joined up with him in 1998. We purchased premises in Queensburgh, KwaZulu-Natal.

Ceramic Craft Studio is born!

In 1999 I discovered blank ceramics which provided me with more of a challenge with the added benefit of my craft becoming functional. My passion for ceramics grew and by 2002 we had purchased a kiln and some moulds. I realised a need in the ceramic craft industry for a "friendly, inspiring & one-stop shop"... Ceramic Craft Studio was born!

During the next 8 years, Ceramic Craft Studio grew from "craft" to "craft". We expanded our range of craft supplies to include Wooden blanks; Scrapbooking; Fabric Painting; Decoupage; Decorative Painting and Mosaicing... and all the while still continuing & growing the manufacturing of ceramics.

Creative Team

I cannot, however, take all the glory - Ceramic Craft Studio is where it is today because of my family support and my incredibly talented & creative staff. Dennis has been a potter for more than 20 years and he heads up the ceramic manufacturing with Mac as his assistant. In the studio you will find me running the workshops as well as the studio.

Ceramic Craft Studio expands premises

In 2005 we realised that we needed to expand on our premises, so my extremely talented husband embarked on "super-sizing" our studio. We closed for the month of September 2010 and completed the renovation of the studio. The studio is now 3 times bigger than previously and I am absoultely loving the space! At present we are still busy with our production area (basement) and hope to be complete during 2012.

Although located in Queensburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, we ship our craft products nation-wide. We also host exciting craft workshops from individuals to social groups to team building. Take a moment to peruse our range and you will learn that you have found your "one-stop-shop"!