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Craft Lessons

Ceramic Craft Studio offers classes in the following crafts...

Ceramic Underglazing Class

Ceramic Painting - Underglazing Lessons

Underglazing is fun and creative as you can paint various ceramic items which are both rewarding & functional.
Personalize Dinnerware & Serveware.
Preserve your little ones hand-prints/foot-prints on a mug or plate.

Ceramic Dry-Brushing Class

Ceramic Painting - Dry-Brushing Lessons

Let us show you a simple yet very effective paint technique.
When applied to ceramic ornaments it magically brings them to life.
Drybrushing can be used on a variety of craft projects.

Mosaic Class

Mosaic Lessons

This "ancient" form of art has made an epic come-back and is proving to be extremely addictive!
We will teach you how to mosaic just about anything.

Decorative Painting Class

Decorative Painting Lessons

Discover your inner artist by using various brush strokes.
Decorative painting can be applied to ceramics, wooden blanks & canvases!

ScrapBooking Class

Pottery Lessons

Always wanted to try pottery but never had the chance? Let us warn you that it is very addictive, but oh so rewarding! You will work with Earthernware clay and can make a multitude of beautiful creations, using slab, sausage and greenware items.

Fabric Painting Class

Fabric Painting Lessons

Various prints available
We will show you the art of shading & bringing dull fabric to life.
Very rewarding & functional.

Craft Lessons Times and Prices

N.B. Booking is essential.
Cost of lesson excludes items

  • R150.00 Once off lesson
  • R300.00 / 3 Lesson Package
  • R500.00 / 6 Lesson Package

Morning Craft Classes 09:30 - 11:30 09:30 - 11:30 09:30 - 11:30 10:00 - 12:30
Evening Craft Classes   18:00 - 20:30        

What you create during our workshops is entirely up to you. YOU choose what craft you want to do and we will "show you how". There is no better way to learn other than hands on with our expert guidance.

Craft Courses

With each course booked you receive a "Starter Kit" with all the basics that you need to learn the craft and 3 x 2hr lessons. (See breakdown below each course).

The following courses are now available:


Cost of Course - R550.00
Course includes...
- 3 x 2hr lessons
- 17 Paints (50ml)
- 7 Brushes in a brush holder
- 250ml Amazing Glaze


Cost of Course - R700.00
Course includes...
- 3 x 2hr lessons
- 17 Paints (25ml)
- 6 Brushes in a brush holder
- Sanding Mat


Cost of Course - R650.00
Course includes...
- 3 x 2hr Lessons
Starter Tool Kit


Cost of Course - R600.00
Course includes...
- 3 x 2hr lessons
- Mosaic Nippers
- Wood glue & Easy apply bottle
- 2 x Glue - for glass & concrete
- 2 x brushes
- Grout, gloves, Mixing tub & Scraper